General Manufacturing

Manufacturing clients of CG Controls benefit from
higher throughput, increased productivity,
more efficient use of materials, better product quality,
improved safety, and reduced factory lead times.

Benefits of Automation in Manufacturing

The need for higher output and increased productivity has been a key driver for our manufacturing clients to invest increasingly in the use of automation.

Our innovative automation and machine vision solutions create opportunities for manufacturer to gain an edge on their industry competitors and prevent them from falling behind. We help our customers move towards Industry 4.0 and also deliver additional manufacturing benefits using existing equipment.

Industry 4.0 brings information technology and manufacturing processes together. CG Controls helps its customers maximize the efficiency of their production lines. By working with CG Controls, you’ve the potential to produce higher quality products and gain the following benefits.


Improve Your Competitiveness

Well designed automation solutions, Industry 4.0 and Industrial Internet of Things can help you squeeze additional efficiency out of your processes and the potential to save on energy and materials. Automated production equipment can usually keep running for longer periods and smarter assembly lines let you optimise inventory and cut down on warehousing.


Increase Your Profitability

Automation may help you lower production costs and increase your profit margin. Industrial controllers and Vision inspection on the production line allows manufacturers automatically control machinery, helping save time, materials and energy, decrease maintenance costs, and increase the lifespan of their facilities.


Increased Workplace Safety

Our automation solutions contribute to increased safety for employees and equipment. Advancements in automation technology have made it easier for plants to reliably protect their workers, machines and the environment while improving productivity, reducing costs, and complying with safety and environmental regulations.

Sample Automation Solutions For Manufacturing Clients

  • Industry 4.0 Automation Upgrades
  • Migration of ControlLogix to Simatic S7-1500
  • Migration of Simatic TI/S5 to S7-1500
  • Moulding Machine: Retrofit and Upgrade of control system
  • Oil Pump Station: Test Rig Automation with MES Interface
  • Automation of BIOMASS Energy Recovery Plants
  • Automation of Rendering Plants
  • Automation of BIOMASS Woodchip Boiler control system
  • Prefabricated Building Production: ACAD to PLC for Automatic Building Manufacturing client
  • Automation of Water Treatment Plants