Safety Systems

Safety for personnel and the environment is of key importance for our clients. Our solutions help you adhere to strict safety regulations while avoiding production losses from plant downtime.

Safety Systems from CG Controls

Our customers operate production plants that require increased safety of people and the environment. CG Controls offers fail-safe systems using the Simatic F-CPU range from Siemens which provide safety functionality integrated within the automation system. Simatic F-CPUs comply with safety requirements up to SIL 3 to IEC 61508 and up to Cat. 4 according to EN 954-1.

Customer Benefits

  • Consistent integration: Uniform safety functions for all SIMATIC devices
  • Integrated system diagnostics: Fast error identification and correction
  • High availability: Uniform diagnostic functions for standard and safety versions help to reduce downtimes
  • More compact cabinet design: Less space required due to reduction in types and parts
  • Fail-safe I/O modules can also be centrally connected as well as distributed I/O.
  • Faster commissioning: A simpler system design accelerates the engineering for standard and fail-safe automation

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