Machine Vision

CG Controls is an industry leader in the provision of machine vision solutions to regulated industries, including production line device management software, cameras and optics, and cost-effective, reliable, accurate vial counting solutions.

Customer Benefits

CG Controls' team of engineers pride themselves on providing expertise and support in a wide range of machine vision hardware. We supply a wide range of cameras including Smart Cameras, ID Readers, Vision Sensors, Vision Systems and 3D cameras.


Advanced Quality Control

Our machine vision solutions provide users with the means to see, detect and analyze production line images automatically, providing automated product quality inspection and verification that saves costs on the manufacturing floor, and on through to warehouse fulfillment and distribution.


Cost-Effective Solutions

Our powerful vision application framework SmartVis allows you create cost-effective automated and compliant machine vision solutions that eliminate production quality issues stemming from unreliable manual inspection processes, and includes recipe management, user authentication, secure file storage, and audit trail capture and reporting.


Cognex Certified System Integrator

CG Controls is proud to be a Cognex Certified System Integrator (CSI). Certification means we are recommended by Cognex as a systems integrator, and recognised for our specialised expertise and experience in advanced and complex automated vision applications. Cognex systems have a wider range of advanced vision tools, so we can solve more of your applications.


In-depth Technical Knowledge

With over 20 years of experience designing, integrating and supporting machine vision applications including smart cameras, ID readers, vision sensors, vision systems and 3D cameras you can rely on CG Controls to provide design expertise, system and product advice, technical support and training from one location.

Cameras, Lighting and Lenses


CG Controls supply a wide range of cameras including Smart Cameras, ID Readers, Vision Sensors, Vision Systems and 3D cameras.



The Cognex product portfolio includes In-Sight , a vision system that combines a camera, software and processor into one compact unit; VisionPro vision software; Checker, a single-purpose vision sensor used to provide high performance at certain common vision tasks, such as checking for the presence or absence of parts and features.



Lighting plays a key role in the performance of a machine vision system. Optimal lighting yields high contrast images that are read reliably and consistently by the vision system, saving time, effort, and money in the long run Used by thousands of customers worldwide, CCS products are available in more than 300 standard and 5000 custom designs. CCS has been providing the reliable, compact LED illuminators in the market since 1992. Their portfolio includes Ring, Bar, Dome and Coaxial lights.



CG Controls provide a wide variety of lenses provided by industry experts such as Edmund Optics, Tamron, Pentax and Sill Optics.


ID Readers

DataMan, a family of fixed mount and handheld ID readers used to identify and track items by reading 1D and 2D Data Matrix codes.