Medical Device Manufacturing

We deliver validated automation solutions to help you improve manufacturing productivity, reduce operating costs and meet your compliance objectives. This includes the system integration of production lines and equipment, with data acquisition for continuous improvement of manufacturing processes.

Medical Device Manufacturing: Automation Solutions

  • Autoclave with Siemens S7-300
  • ETO Sterilisation with ABB Satt Conn, Siemens S7-300 & 21CRF11
  • Documentation Retention\Tracking Database System
  • Plasma Etcher SCADA and PLC Control SLC5/05
  • X-Ray control and 21CRF11 compliance using VB .Net
  • Laser Welder 21CRF11 compliance using NI Labview
  • Batch Backfill monitoring and 21CRF11 compliance using NI Labview
  • Barcode Verification and 21CRF11 compliance using VB6
  • Code Verification Vision Systems
  • Leak Tester 21CRF11 compliance upgrades using NI Labview
  • Part Verification Vision Systems
  • RFID Solutions

21CFR11 and Validation

We have extensive experience in the validation and preparation of validation documentation to GAMP standards for Pharmaceutical and Medical Device companies.

We work closely with on site validation teams to meet any regulatory compliance requirements the customer needs to fulfill. Using proven methods we can break our systems down into separate functional aspects, which make validation and operator training as easy as possible.

If you would like to know more about our Life Sciences solutions, track record with similar customers, range of products and services, please contact us.