Vial Counting Systems

CG Controls Vial Counting platform is designed to count vials in trays, eliminate the need for manual intervention and enable you to rapidly deploy cost-effective, reliable, accurate Vial Counting solutions, with increasing accuracy of count and throughput versus manual methods.

Identify product errors or miscounts before vials and ampoules move on to secondary packaging.

Prevent time-consuming and expensive rework

The Counting Station encapsulates the systems color camera, industrial PC and light. Trays are loaded onto a convenient loading mechanism which shields the tray from ambient lighting during the counting operation. The Counting Station is available in three form factors - Desktop, Stand-alone and Convey.


Full Tray Count Verification

The vial Counting system from CG Controls verifies accurate quantities of full tray-loaded parts, including vaccine vials.


Partial Tray Counting

Count the number of vials on tray and compare with a required value, capture status and return signal to line operation personnel


Cap Colour Detection

Allows rapid changeover of product and formats, with reliable detection of vial cap colours.


Flip-Off Cap Detection

Flip-Off seals undergo automated visual inspection ensuring that any flip seals not in place are rapidly identified.


Inverted Vial Detection

Ability to identify non-counting errors such as upside down vials.


Fallen Vial Detection

Ability to identify pre-packaging errors in production such as fallen vials or ampoules.

Verification of pre-defined Tray Counts

The software can verify if a pre-defined number of vials are contained in a particular tray. All Tray Count results are presented to the user in a clear and concise manner and stored in a database for batch report generation.

Partial Vial Counting

The system can alternatively be configured to count the number of vials in a tray. This mode is typically used at the end of a batch when a partial tray arises.

Optional Label Printing

The platform can be fitted with an optional label printer and configured to produce a Tray Count Result Label for each tray inspected.


Validated and developed according to GAMP & 21 CFR PART 11

User Access Control

Includes individual username and password login via Active Directory or Local Database. Support for Operator, Technicians, Supervisers, Engineer and Administrator Access Levels.

Operating System Support

Windows 7 (32bit and 64bit)
Windows 10 (32bit and 64bit)