Machine Vision Integration

Automated Vision Inspection: Medical Devices

Contract type:
Machine Vision Inspection
Chicago, IL
Life Sciences

System Requirements:

  • Automated Vision Inspection of Needle Guard assembly of Syringes in Trays
    • Ensure syringe is correctly seated in Needle Guard
    • Ensure Needle Guard is not partially deployed
    • Ensure Add-on Finger Flange is fully engaged
    • Verify presence and colour of Plunger Rod
    • Provide accurate count of correctly assembled devices
  • Batch Report
  • Complete 21 CFR Part 11

Technical Challenges:

  • Fully automated inspection of trays of syringes with Cartesian Robot
  • Highly compact equipment footprint manufactured to Cleanroom Standards
  • Manual loading of trays through light curtain protected opening for efficient ergonomic operation
  • Integration of camera and Dual LED Lighting solution onto robot head
  • Integration of Laser Pointer onto robot head for guidance for manual reject removal
  • Verification of accurate manual reject removal by 2 methods
    • Bin sensor to detect placement of removed reject into reject bin
    • Empty tray location verification by inspection camera

Outcome and Customer Benefits:

CG Controls designed and delivered a system to fully automate the inspection and provide a Batch Report on completion of a batch including count of good and rejected components.

Automated inspection gives greater consistency and robustness relative to error-prone manual inspection and eliminates human error in inspection and counting.